The Baton fund project.

Make Me Uniform
December 26, 2019
The Make me Uniform project
February 4, 2020

The Baton fund project.

A Baton can be explained as “a short stick passed from runner to runner during a relay race”. Similarly in this project, funds (monetary)  and assets are passed on from one person to another.

This project is aimed at empowering the members in the community financially especially the jobless young people to start businesses. We want Most of our trained people to be empowered financially so that they go and start a business ( practice acquired skills).

Our target is to finance people especially those in rural areas who may not have the ability to get assistance from microfinance institutions and banks due to high-interest rates. Through this project, productive and hardworking members will also be given machines and tools to assist them in their work. All this is done to ensure that people are not idle and working. In Uganda a country with high levels of unemployment, self-employment/entrepreneurship is the way to tackle the problem.

The facilities acquired in this project are to be paid for or repaid but at a very cheap and affordable cost as low as 12% interest per annum, unlike other institutions that charge high-interest rates between 30% to 60% per annum. The purpose of the small interest we charge is to cater for costs such as paying the support staff and expanding the resources.

Why target women? In Uganda, women are becoming more productive than men. Women face challenges of walking long distances to fetch water for their families, they operate small businesses to pay school fees and other basic needs for the families. Most men in Uganda have abandoned their responsibilities in homes. For this reason its even a belief in Uganda that “one empowered woman contributes to the future development of a household, a community and a nation’

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