The Make me Uniform project

The Baton fund project.
February 4, 2020
Signetwork Mentorship and training program.
February 4, 2020

This project is mainly targeting families, children. According to research, in Uganda most people in rural areas are having a poor standard of living in almost all aspects of life i.e. health, education, meals, etc. school children in most village schools go to school without shoes, uniforms and hungry.

Girls in village schools miss lessons in class due to lack of pads during their menstruation periods, others opt for banana fibers as pads. Hospitals in villages have no medicines, no doctors and no facilities to cater to the patients. Expectant mothers in villages are lacking birth kits.

The income inequality level in Uganda is so high, many families are surviving by one meal a day. This leaves the children malnourished and unhealthy.

It is through some of the above that we decided as people filled with the love of Christ Jesus that we came up with ‘MAKE ME UNIFORM’ project under which we try to bridge the gaps above.

We provide uniforms and shoes for needy school children, sanitary pads for the girls, necessities like food especially grains for needy families, birth kits for expectant mothers, treatment for the sick if applicable and plan to have hospitals built to help the needy.

All the above is done to ensure that people are uniform in a way that at least every one or majority can access and have the necessities and basic needs thus making them like other/similar (uniform).

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