About us

Standing In Gap Network “SIGNETWORK”

Standing In Gap Network “SIGNETWORK” is a registered community based organization (CBO) in Uganda, East Africa. We are also a registered company limited by guarantee “SIGNETWORK MINISTRIES LTD” in Uganda. SIGNETWORK is working with residents of Wakiso and Kampala’s informal settlements and other districts in Uganda.
The organization founders have a desire of having a dependable generation. We assist the vulnerable through equipping them with all necessary skills, tools and information to enable them become dependable people in the community.

We believe by empowering the people in our community with necessary skills, they will be able to provide for their families which will empower them to live dependable lives.

The organization has its major focus on women and children located within the vicinity of the community. We having the love of God within us, believe that through everything we do, we can have the opportunity to make a difference in this world by sharing the Good News.

We believe that through our projects, a dependable generation is going to rise up of God fearing people with Integrity, honesty, trust and loyalty.

Our vision

“To nurture a dependable generation that will contribute towards the general well being of the community”.

Our mission

“To promote human values through community development programs, basic non-formal or formal education and vocational skills training initiatives for the members in a view of building a dependable society with improved standards of living.”


Dependable for God's Glory


Becoming the “go to” person

We Love Jesus as You Do

We having the love of Christ within us, believe that through everything we do, we can have the opportunity to make a difference in this world by sharing the Good News, and our Hope in Jesus Christ. It is our desire that more lives and souls will be positively changed for both physically and spiritual gain.

Children’s Health

In this activity through a partnership with other health-related organization we hold free children medical camps where doctors offered free treatment to the afflicted children in the community


In the field of entrepreneurship, mothers are taught how to do business. This is achieved through bringing people who have succeeded through business and they teach the members how to not only do business but also how to sustain the existence of their business in operation.

Discipleship Program

The organization is as well so concerned about the spiritual growth of its members as well. This is done through fellowships that are held every month as well as weekly Bible studies where people are taken deeper into the WORD

Make Me Uniform

Under this project the organization makes and donates uniforms to needy children who are at different school and cannot buy themselves uniforms. By donating to them uniforms, they later gain uniformity with other children whose parents are in capacity to buy them uniforms from the start.